Sunday, September 9, 2012

In The Spotlight - LaDonna Gaines

LaDonna Gaines is a 28 year old vivacious woman in the LBDC Nashville, TN chapter. She was born in Pisa, Italy and moved to Nashville from Birmingham, AL 4 years ago.

LaDonna currently works as a medical case manager with Travelers Insurance. She is also a Certified Specialist of Poison Information with the TN Poison Center.

LaDonna loves reading, walking, cross-stitching and latch-hooking. She also loves to travel and learning to cook new foods. LaDonna just returned from a trip to Hawaii and is excitedly planning trips to DC, Vegas and a cruise!

LaDonna says that she has been really happy being an LBDC member for almost 2 years. She loves the social activities, meeting new people, and the great events. She says her favorite perks of membership are the discounts, free movies and goodie bags!

When asked for any words of wisdom or final thoughts during her interview, LaDonna said “Live life to the fullest. You never know what tomorrow may bring.” Great words of wisdom, LaDonna! We are proud to have you in this week’s “Member Spotlight.”

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  1. Conrats LaDonna! I love having you in our group!