Friday, December 6, 2013

LBDC Is Better Than Ever!

The creative offices of LBDC have been busy the past couple of months, and we’ve got some exciting news to share with our members!

After several months of gathering feedback, suggestions and creative ideas from our Directors, members and trusted consultants, the Little Black Dress Club website has undergone a complete overhaul and is almost ready for its big debut!

From the dynamic new home page to the customizable chapter pages and the new event calendar, the new and improved LBDC site is sure to offer a more user friendly, interactive experience for our current members and Directors.

Why? The Little Black Dress Club was founded on the ideas of two women, but it grows on the ideas of many. Our Directors and members spoke up with ideas on a new and improved website and our leadership has worked hard to make it happen. User feedback indicated that our current site needed some major changes in functionality. We needed a home page that was as dynamic as our membership and we wanted site visitors to automatically see and feel the benefit of being part of the LBDC.


Here are just a few of the new and improved sections of our new site:

Navigation: With the LBDC website redesign, gone are the days of error messages, delayed page loading, or searching too many pages before finding what you are looking for. Users can expect clean content in easy to find sections, without all the background noise.
Content: Our Directors work hard to promote and manage their chapters. Why not show off their hard work while attracting new and potential members and sponsors? We will be showcasing bolder, more current photos from LBDC events and excursions, explaining all the benefits of membership while updating live feeds from our additional social media outlets and blog. These are just to name a few!
Segmentation: We have over a dozen active chapters with LBDC – Each chapter will have it’s own customizable page. Event calendars and registration will be clearly defined and easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Here are a few other new additions that you can expect:
Live news feeds: Live feeds from the LBDC blog and social media

Chapter Pages: A customizable page for each LBDC chapter

Video/Picture Sliders: Dynamic, current pictures and videos showcasing some of our most popular LBDC events and featuring some of the perks of membership 
The fun won’t stop there. We have lots in store for the new look of LBDC. Expect the first round of changes to happen in early 2014. The Leadership Team of the Little Black Dress Club has listened to what our members want and we aim to give it to you!
Have ideas, comments or other suggestions? Feel free to email us at We look forward to sharing the new website with you!


The Leadership Team, LBDC
Christine, Jen and Shay