Thursday, December 27, 2012

In The Spotlight - Heather Zahn

It’s time once again for a new member spotlight! This time it’s 35 year old Heather Ann Zahn from our Columbus, OH chapter.

Heather is happily married with no kids, YET! She and her husband Dennis have been married for four years and just found out that they are going to be having a bundle of joy soon. Congratulations!
Heather has made a profession out of being a domestic diva, but she also loves to cook, bake and swim. One of her favorite outdoor adventures is hiking at Scioto Trails in Chillicothe, Ohio.

New to LBDC, Heather has only been a member for about 6 months. She joined the club to meet new people, make new friends and to have an opportunity to get a lil dressed up every now and then! Heather always dresses with style (and feathers)!

Heather says she loves her director and co director and that she always looks forward to everyones company at events. Columbus Director, Rachel Blankenship, says “Heather brings life to the party! She’s so much fun to be around!

Sounds like you fit in perfectly, Heather. Thanks for being in the spotlight!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Top Ten!

Top 10 Things Every Classy Woman Should Have

#10:       Chandelier earrings that shape your face.  The movement is enticing!
#9:         A signature scent.  People will recognize you. Don’t change it up—keep the same one and don’t bathe in it.  Put it on your body where you check for a pulse: neck, wrists, and elbows.
#8:         A pair of high heels you could sleep in.
#7:         A cause to support.  Stay active with your role and always strive to help others.
#6:         A small bag or clutch purse.  The size matters here – it will keep people guessing what is inside!
#5:         A great romance…..even if you find it in a book!
#4:         A wrist watch.  Timing is everything!
#3:         A competitive edge.  Being competitive keeps you on your toes and the passion alive.
#2:         A confident walk.  Need I say more?
#1:         A little black dress (of course).  Add some lace for extra femininity.
I could easily compile a list of the top 20, but you get the idea.  Keep it simple.  Keep it classy.  Less is more.  You know it when you see it, and more importantly, you know it when you don’t see it.  We can spot “her” a mile away!
~ Dr. Rachel Blankenship
Director, Columbus Chapter


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Making Time for You (and Little Black Dress Club)!

Do you often say “I don’t have time for that!”  YES you do!  YOU are in charge of your time.  I know many of us; myself included, have spouse and children that can dictate where our time is spent or you might have an 80+ hour week work schedule.  Here are some tips that have helped me make the most of my day.

1) Calendar: My family has an electronic calendar so that I can look at my phone or computer at any time and see what is scheduled.  You can also do this on a paper calendar as well, just make sure you have it with you ALL THE TIME.  When people ask me if I can attend something I immediately go to my calendar and see what is happening that week.  I love being able to look at my week or month in a glance and see what I have going on at all times.

2) Set time limits: If you want to read a book, go through a drawer, or clean out your closet, but you only have an hour.  Don’t say well I only have an hour, so I’m not going to do that.  Set your timer and spend that hour getting your project done or spending quality time doing what you want.  Your timer will ensure you don’t go past that as I know sometimes you can get “lost” in a project.

3) Limit Distractions: I honestly didn’t make this a conscious decision, but in the last 2 years I’ve noticed I don’t really watch TV.  I feel like I get so much done without having that as a distraction.  Find out what distractions you have such as Facebook or T.V. and remove them or limit them with your timer.

4) Look & Feel your best:   Have everything packed and ready to go for the next day, know what you and you’re children are going to wear and whatever you do...Get 8 hours of sleep!

I wake up about 20-30 minutes more than I really need to because I hate that morning rush.  I can have quiet time to read, drink my coffee, and eat my breakfast before anyone is up.  If one of my kids gets up, that’s ok too.  I have had some of the best conversations with my daughter at 6:30am.

5) Support System: Another key in managing your time is having a great support system. Surround yourself by family and friends who are supportive of you and make sure you are a known support system to them as well. I’m thankful for the many wonderful, supportive women from LBDC that I have met along the way.  Don’t be weary to ask for help or just take a couple minutes to have a conversation on tips from someone who has been there.

6)Fun: Don’t forget to schedule in the fun with LBDC or leave your schedule open for fun!  Call a friend for a sporadic run or shopping trip.  You need “you” time to rest and recover from the stresses of life.

I hope these tips help you so you can do it all!
~Suzy Hicks
Co Director, Columbus Chapter




Monday, December 10, 2012

In The Spotlight - Sherry Tellier

It's that time again: Time for another great Member Spotlight! This time we are celebrating Sherry Tellier from our Nashville Chapter.

Sherry is a proud mother of two daughters and a grandmother to one grandson. She moved from upstate NY all the way down south nearly 20 years ago. Sherry is very much looking forward to returning home to NY next fall to attend her class reunion, see some of her old friends and enjoy the Adirondack experience.

Working as the Accounting Manager for Embassy Dental in Nashville with seven dental offices to maintain, Sherry stays very busy but loves the challenge of her job. When she finds herself with a day off or some time to spare she loves to go for a good hike, do some cooking, take in a good movie, or read a book.

Sherry joined LBDC 3 years ago and when asked for her thoughts on the club, she had this to say: “When I moved to a new area of Nashville to be closer to my job, I was hoping to make new friends and pursue new experiences. The Little Black Dress Club has enabled me to achieve those goals and so much more. I’ve made friendships that I know will last a lifetime and tried so many new things I’ve always wanted to do but never had a chance.”

While her dream trip would be taking a plane to Europe, Sherry is very much looking forward to the Glamping Trip that the Nashville Chapter has planned in January. There is definitely something appealing about packing a dozen high maintenance women in a cabin in the woods with a martini bar and a DVD player!

Thanks for being in our spotlight this month, Sherry! We are glad to have you!





Thursday, December 6, 2012

Color Me This....

Compliment Your Eyes with Color

I was inspired to share this article that I read in Allure Magazine (November 2012).  Have you ever looked at someone’s eyes and wondered what color they are?  Is it an optical illusion?  Do our eyes change colors?  Our eyes do not necessarily change colors, but the perception of what color they truly are can change with just a little color.  What is the secret?  One answer…..eyeliner. 

Brown Eyes:        Warm and metallic tones will bring out the gold flecks in brown eyes, which adds richness and depth to your eyes.  Use your finger to apply a cream copper eye shadow along the upper lids—smudge it a little and finish with heaps of black mascara.

Hazel Eyes:          Hazel eyes are a combination of gold and green.  To play up the gold, cover the lids in a bronze shade.  To accentuate the green, swap the bronze for teal shadow or liner. 

Green Eyes:         Believe it or not, any variation of purple can transform green eyes.  Line the upper lashes with deep plum, dust purple lightly across the lids, and sweep lilac along the brow bones.  If it is too much for comfort, just try a plum mascara.

Blue Eyes:            Try a terra-cotta colored eyeliner.  The red undertones play off the blue eyes intensely. Finish with black pencil at the outer corners.
The holiday season is the best time to experiment with different shades and colors to liven up your outfit and holiday mood!  After you try it, take a picture and share it with us!!
~ Dr. Rachel Blankenship
Director, Columbus Chapter


Monday, December 3, 2012

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Have you ever experienced a downward spiral in life and wished that you could just get away from it all, even if only for a few minutes?  That is exactly what Cheryl Strayed did and her memoir, “Wild:  From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail,” outlines how she was able to “find” herself again after hiking from the Mojave Desert  through California and Oregon to Washington State on the Pacific Crest Trail.   

Cheryl’s life was in shambles.  She was in her mid 20s, had lost her mother to cancer, destroyed her marriage, started using heroin, had no money, and had lost contact with her family.  Her lifestyle had always been one that involved taking risks, but none compared to the risk she took when she hiked 1100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, alone!
When I first started reading this book I will admit, I thought Cheryl was crazy to even attempt this adventure.  She had no hiking experience but decided to embark on this journey after she picked up a book on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail while standing in a check-out line.  Ironically, she never even read the book before starting the hike.  She spoke to a few people at a sporting goods store, bought some equipment, packed her backpack (which she refers to as “Monster” because it is way too heavy) and literally headed out for the trail.  Physically, she was in no way prepared for this journey.  She talks about losing her toenails because her boots are too small, her throbbing feet, and the pure utter exhaustion she felt most evenings.  But, she forged on day by day and eventually grew stronger not only physically but emotionally as well.
I know there is no way I could do what Cheryl Strayed did, but I give her credit for being willing to not only tackle this trail alone, but her own demons as well.  Sometimes from our own darkness emerges something really great and I would recommend that you travel along side Cheryl to learn more about her journey from being lost to found in Wild.
Reviewed by: Richelle Schneider, Chicago Southlands Director, LBDC