Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Follow, Like, Pin or Stalk!

Seems like this generation has become one of social media, and the Little Black Dress Club is no exception!

We have recently created several new social media outlets for the LBDC. We have several chapters on facebook, as well as a national page. We are also on twitter and pinterest. We will be updating our blog on a regular basis and we are currently working on a youtube channel! Here are a few links to some of our national pages.





Check out our "Find Us On The Web" page above to find links to our other chapters on the web!

Make sure you subscribe to our blog for information on how to find the chapter in your area on the social media network of your choice. In addition-don't forget to check us out on Sundays for a new blog section titled "Member Spotlight!" Each week on our blog we will feature one of our outstanding members. Tune in to get to know these ladies and find out why they love the LBDC!

See you on the web!

 ~Shay Ashcraft
Social Media Director, LBDC

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