Thursday, February 7, 2013

LBDC Is Coming to Dallas, TX!

I first became acquainted with the Little Black Dress Club, while doing research on the internet for social organizations that were geared toward women and philanthropy.  I was contemplating starting a business/organization using the same concept and was thrilled when I learned that LBDC and I shared the same vision and I inquired about becoming a Director. My thought process was “Why reinvent the wheel?” and the fact that there were already established chapters would make it so much easier to “pitch” the organization to women in my community.

I wanted to become a Director because I am all about empowering women!  I am always encouraging friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers that I can come in contact with to “GET OUT AND LIVE” (GOAL).   I am a “Serial Volunteer” and my experience in assisting numerous organizations in the areas of planning and hosting events has enabled me to develop strong interpersonal skills and I do believe that the Dallas chapter will be successful  and an asset to the LBDC organization.

I am in the planning stages of hosting our Launch and Membership Party!   A simple, yet stylish, chic brunch or cocktail party will be the theme.  I am very detail-oriented, so the perfect venue, ambiance, great food, and of course and always, a signature cocktail for the occasion!

Although I am a Louisiana native, I do love Dallas. Dallas is a large city that is very versatile and provides an atmosphere for everyone.  Whatever your mood dictates, you can find it here.  The shopping is absolutely unbelievable and holds true to the saying, “Everything’s Bigger in Texas!”

I have so many favorite quotes, but if I have to select one it would be, “Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.”  I love individualism. Unfortunately, the media and television has depicted the friendships of women in such a negative light.  While I do believe these images are a sad existence and some are sensationalized, this has not been my reality, thankfully.   As women, we have so many commonalities and of course, many differences.   We have to learn to love ourselves and accept all that we are, and make changes where we can and accept those that we cannot.

I am a yoga and wine enthusiast who enjoys traveling, music, reading, writing, hosting and entertaining, all things eclectic and vintage. I am excited to be the Director for the new Dallas Chapter.  I am looking forward to networking with all of the Directors and sharing ideas to make LBDC even more phenomenal!


PJ Barnes
LBDC Director, Dallas

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  1. I am a member of the LBDC East Bay, but I recently moved to the Dallas area. Please keep me posted on when the Dallas Chater will be active.