Monday, January 21, 2013

Little Black Dress, Oh Let Me Count The Ways...

How can I get the most use out of my Little Black Dress?
I look for a theme to all my styles and I love to switch it up.  This keeps your look fresh even if it’s the same dress you wore at the last event.

Wear your diamonds (real or fake) girls!  Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Rings, Hair Pins, you name it you can’t go wrong.  Depending on your taste you can wear dainty or go big. Grab your black high heels and purse and go meet the girls!

Pick out your favorite cardigan and tie it over your shoulders or one of my favorite things to do is wear it over the dress with a skinny belt.  Also many short blazer’s look great with a LBD. Shop your local goodwill for some great deals!  Wear your favorite pearls, headband, and colored tights.

You take a classic black dress, pin your hair up, put your red lipstick on and add your favorite high and I mean HIGH heels. You’re good to go!

Grab your favorite LARGE colored purse, boots, and long necklace, put your hair in a bun and you’ve just made a statement!

Fur or feather’s make anything glam! Fur collars have been popular this winter as well as vest and coats. Feather’s are great as earring’s or hair accessories that totally transform your look. Don’t forget your rhinestone or colored high heels!  

What's YOUR favorite way to jazz up the LBD? Tell us in the comments below! 

-Suzy A. Hicks
Co Director, Columbus Chapter

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