Thursday, December 6, 2012

Color Me This....

Compliment Your Eyes with Color

I was inspired to share this article that I read in Allure Magazine (November 2012).  Have you ever looked at someone’s eyes and wondered what color they are?  Is it an optical illusion?  Do our eyes change colors?  Our eyes do not necessarily change colors, but the perception of what color they truly are can change with just a little color.  What is the secret?  One answer…..eyeliner. 

Brown Eyes:        Warm and metallic tones will bring out the gold flecks in brown eyes, which adds richness and depth to your eyes.  Use your finger to apply a cream copper eye shadow along the upper lids—smudge it a little and finish with heaps of black mascara.

Hazel Eyes:          Hazel eyes are a combination of gold and green.  To play up the gold, cover the lids in a bronze shade.  To accentuate the green, swap the bronze for teal shadow or liner. 

Green Eyes:         Believe it or not, any variation of purple can transform green eyes.  Line the upper lashes with deep plum, dust purple lightly across the lids, and sweep lilac along the brow bones.  If it is too much for comfort, just try a plum mascara.

Blue Eyes:            Try a terra-cotta colored eyeliner.  The red undertones play off the blue eyes intensely. Finish with black pencil at the outer corners.
The holiday season is the best time to experiment with different shades and colors to liven up your outfit and holiday mood!  After you try it, take a picture and share it with us!!
~ Dr. Rachel Blankenship
Director, Columbus Chapter


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