Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dancing Diva's

The Columbus Chapter recently took our town by storm as we donned 80's attire and headed out to Skully's Music Diner. Skully's hosted "Ladies 80's Night" and twelve TOTALLY RAD ladies from LBDC Columbus gathered for the event! 

Not only did we represent Columbus, we also represented the 1980s!  Whew, what a blast from the past!  Legwarmers, hairspray, blue eye shadow and lots of bangles completed the attire for these 12 "Dancing Diva's." And let's not forget the pixy stix! There were LOTS of pixy stix!

We went all out for this fun event. This was a great welcome for our new member, Grace, and an awesome way to show her how much fun this chapter can have! Grace was officially "pinned" as a new LBDC member and we all enjoyed the evening festivities. 

The constant reminder of what our 80's were all about made for a nostalgic and incredibly fun evening. We hope to see YOU at our next event!


~ Dr. Rachel Blankenship
Director, Columbus Chapter

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