Thursday, September 20, 2012

Awards Extravaganza!

What does your favorite awards show say about you?


You're a clear-headed problem solver!

These honors are handed out based on votes from Americans like you. "Folks who tune in to watch tend to be logical thinkers who are confident that their ideas make a difference," says celebrity watcher, Melissa Rivers. Your feisty determination and direct approach to problems indicate "emotional intelligence" - which studies show leads to a happy successful life!


You're a charismatic dynamo!

"The Golden Globes are known as Hollywood's biggest party of the year, where stars celebrate, schmooze, socialize, and make merry. So if this is your favorite show, you're a gal who really knows how to have a rollicking good time!" says celebrity watcher, Melissa Rivers. A charismatic dynamo, you attract the goodwill of others whether you're on the dance floor, making a crucial presentation at work, or just chatting with the checkout clerk at the supermarket. Drawn in by your fun-loving spirit, chums new and old say you're one of their favorite people - and it's no secret why: you make others feel just as happy as you are!


You're a high achiever.

"Winning an Oscar is the ultimate honor... and if you just love to watch it happen, you aren't afraid to strive for everything life has to offer!" says celebrity watcher, Melissa Rivers. Confident in your abilities and eager to show the world what you can do, you always go for the gusto, whether you're applying for a promotion, searching for a new home, or dressing to the nines for your high school reunion. And you almost always hit your mark! Your secret? Positive thinking So let your spirit soar because for you, the sky's the limit!


You're a youthful free spirit.

Love the quirky, anything-goes attitude of this hip awards show? "Grammy enthusiasts are usually free spirits who follow their own inspiration and are always up for adventure, " says celebrity watcher, Melissa Rivers. Whether you're slicking on the hippest, hottest lip gloss, signing up for a rollerblading class, or moving to the bouncing beat of today's music, you jump into new experiences with both feet! And it's this attitude that keeps you young. Those who stay on top of new developments actually age the least! So turn the radio up, because no matter waht the tempo, you're tuned in to the exciting beat of life.


You love the limelight.

"Those who are entranced by the spontaneity of the Tonys (the Oscars of live theater) tend to be confident extroverts who love to 'perform' in their own lives," says celebrity watcher, Melissa Rivers. No shrinking violet, you blossom when all eyes are on you and you get the chance to show what you can do. In fact, scientists have found that folks like you have more of a certain brain chemical that makes you crave the limelight - so play to your strength: try signing up for community theater! Who knows? Maybe someday you'll be up there accepting a Tony yourself!


You're a wonderful friend.

The gang from sitcoms, weekly drama series, the hosts of game shows, even news anchors are so familiar to us that we sometimes feel as if they are our pals. "That's why the Emmys have an intimate feel to them. They're a low-key show where you can root for your friends!" says celebrity watcher, Melissa Rivers. Big hearted and compassionate, you take joy in making your loved ones happy, matched only by the love you get in return- and that's a win-win situation for everyone!

Taken from The Big Book of Personality Tests for Women: 100 Fun-to-Take, Easy-to-Score Quizzes That Reveal Your Hidden Potential in Life, Love, and Work

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