Monday, December 1, 2014

Poblanos and Black Beans and Corn Oh My!

Vegetarian Adventure Part 2.jpgI’ve been busy cooking lots of great things - Poblanos Stuffed with Veggie Chorizo, Black Beans and Corn; Brazilian Rice; Fresh Figs with Garlic Feta Cream; and Oven Roasted Shiitakes with Garlic and Coarse Salt! I was hoping I would learn some things about cooking from this experience and so far, I’m not disappointed.

I’m a decent cook, but I mostly follow recipes. I can only credit myself with one unique recipe - my breakfast burritos (see below). I’ve already come up with an alternative to the flour tortillas I normally use - a poblano pepper seared in a bit of olive oil!

I also had a bright idea to freeze leftover tomato paste. Even though it comes in a small container, I frequently find I don’t even use all of that! This time I thought, “I’m going to put the rest of this into the ice cube tray and freeze it.” Voila! I’ve already made use of some of the frozen paste. I have also done this with leftover fresh herbs - basil, parsley, cilantro, etc (I put a bit of water in the tray with the herbs) - but I frequently forget to use them.

I have some of the Tupperware Fridgesmart Containers. I really love these things for keeping vegetables fresh. I have considered buying a couple more since I frequently don’t have enough space, particularly when the farmers’ market is in full swing. This time, to save space, I trimmed the carrots and celery so I could fit more in the container and I immediately thought, “I should be throwing these into a pot for broth!” I think I’m going to need a bigger freezer...
Christine’s Favorite Breakfast Burritos
Breakfast Burrito.jpg1 ½ Eggs
1 Morningstar Vegetarian Breakfast Sausage
⅛ c grated Mexican Cheese Blend
Tortilla or a poblano seared for 3-4 minutes on each side in olive oil over medium-high heat
Salsa to taste (I like Pace Medium heat)
Cilantro to taste (fresh is best, but I also use the stuff in the tube)
Adobo Seasoning to taste (I prefer Rico, but Goya will do)
Chilis in Adobo Sauce mashed in a food processor, to taste
Seared Peppers.jpg
Defrost and chop up the sausage. Add it to a small fry pan with some cooking spray to heat and brown it a bit. Mix the egg, adobo seasoning, and a spoonful of the chilis in adobo sauce (this adds heat, so be careful). Add the egg mixture to the sausage in the pan. When the egg is mostly cooked, add salsa to taste and get it hot. Add the cheese and melt it. Turn off the heat and mix in the cilantro. Serve in a tortilla or pepper.

I tend to make a couple of days worth and reheat it. Aficionados would say eggs don’t reheat well, but since the salsa adds moisture, they reheat fine for my taste.

Happy Cooking!

~Chef Christine

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