Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LBDC East Bay is Shining Their Member Spotlight


It has been too long since we shined a spotlight on one of our members! Gwen Brady from our East Bay, CA chapter has chosen to honor Donna Barnett as our most recent member spotlight.
Donna is happily married and enjoying the blessings of a long lasting friendship with the man she chose for her husband. Together they share four awesome children; a 25 year old daughter and three sons ages 23, 21 and 13.
Donna works in the marketing department of the University of CA, Davis Extension offering continuing and professional education. She is involved in outreach events, student supervision, direct mail, research and selecting merchandise for outreach events. 
While she considers San Francisco as her hometown, Donna was born in Owensboro, KY and moved to the Western Addition of California known as Fillmore at just 5 years old. Her hobbies include making arts and crafts whenever time permits.  She loves to make diaper cakes, and party favors among other pretty and crafty items. Donna says she has a strong interest in health and community involvement. “I am an active member of the Parent Teacher club at my son’s middle school where I serve on the board and I am passionate about our children and making sure they have access to a good education. My favorite things include traveling, dancing, hosting family gatherings, and going for long walks.” Sounds like Donna knows how to stay busy, but she still makes time for fun. She is looking forward to several upcoming vacations such as weekend trips to Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Pismo Beach. Her family is also planning their annual camping trip and a visit to NYC.

Donna joined the LBDC one year ago in order to step outside of her box! “I’m at a place in my life where I can let my hair down a bit without feeling like my home life is being neglected. I wanted to enjoy the company of quality women, outside of my comfortable and familiar circle”, she says.  “The thing I love most about LBDC is the many different personalities and events that I have access to.”

She likes having fun, maintaining a positive attitude and trying to be in the moment. Donna enjoys giving back to others, even if it means being a light to those I come in contact with.  “How I treat others is very important to me,” said Donna. Quote by May Angelou- “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

LBDC East Bay Director, Gwen Brady, had this to say: “Donna Barnett was one of the very first people that I told about LBDC.  She showed as much excitement as I did so I knew she was an example of the kind of women I wanted to be associated with.  Donna was in on the ground floor.  She helped me to get the word out about the club and has been gem ever since!  Donna is extremely reliable; she played an integral role in East Bay's launch party.  She immediately took the initiative to get things done.

Last year, Donna organized a bowling event!  She negotiated every aspect of the event and it was very, very successful. By popular demand, she organized another one in February.  It was SO popular, we had to reserve more lanes and open more RSVP spots.  It was one of our most well attended events thus far!!

She always has a happy, bubbly disposition.  She is one of those people that you KNOW you'll get a smile from without fail, every single time.  She's warm, thoughtful, outgoing, fun loving and beautiful...inside and out.  She is also an amazing mom! 

I'm ecstatic to see that she has renewed her membership and will be with us for another year! I am truly honored to have Donna as a member of the East Bay Chapter.”
We are all proud to have Donna as part of the Little Black Dress Club family. Thanks for supporting our organization, Donna!

~Shay Ashcraft
National Director



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