Wednesday, September 25, 2013

LBDC Is Blowing Through The Gulf States

The Little Black Dress Club train continues its way around the US. Our latest chapter is in the Gulf States and being led by Tyra Brown. Read on to learn about Tyra and see all the fun she has in store for her new chapter.

I was on a mission for about a year to find a women's only social club that had a national presence.  After extensive research via Internet, word of mouth and through my travels I came across the Little Black Dress Club
The LBDC platform met the goals and mission I'd envision for a club. It offered a great foundation for women to connect and share common interest. After that massive gulf coast storm a lot of women, including myself, were so busy rebuilding and realigning our lives until we'd gotten used to the hamster wheel of going through our daily routine and put our social needs to the side. LBDC sparked my interest as a great way to have those girlfriend round tables, support network and add FUN back into our busy schedules.
I love the gulf coast because of its diversity. There's a wonderful blend of cultural that keeps me intrigued. It's very European in some areas and others just down home southern living at its best. Every woman needs a girlfriend. And I feel the LBDC in our Gulf States will become that hub to create long lasting friendships. 
Our goal is to have at least awesome events each month; one hosted in Louisiana and one in Mississippi. We want to make an impact in our community so our focus will be on volunteerism opportunities and community initiatives at least once per quarter. We will enjoy wine tastings, cooking classes, painting with a twist, cultural driven activities; especially a few of our famous festivals, as well as an annual international trip such as a cruise. 
As for me personally, I try to walk by faith and not by sight. Early in my career I had the opportunity to meet and get to know Jimmy Buffett's mother, Mary Loraine "Peets" Buffett, prior to her death.  I fell in love with her easy going attitude and more so her philosophy of life.
-Read often, including the classics.
-Accept everyone for who they are, not for what they do.
-Be well traveled.
-Learn to be a listener.
-Live by the sea.
-Listen to your spirit and find joy.
-Education, like money, doesn’t make you happy or successful, but it sure helps.
-Love and family are the best things.
I have so many favorite quotes from being an avid reader but my top pick is one by Mahatma Gandhi; “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
The importance of enjoying life as if it’s your last moment and the equal importance of advancement in knowledge and growth in understanding is very powerful to me.
I enjoy traveling and indulging in the entire cultural experience especially the music, food and arts. Reading and painting is my go to when I cannot feed my travel bug.  I love to meet new people as it always opens up new adventures. 
I look forward to serving the Gulf Coast as their director and welcome feedback & suggestions from all. Make sure you follow us on our Facebook page by clicking here.
Here's to new lifelong friendship....Cheers!
~Tyra Brown
Gulf States Director, LBDC


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