Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Accessorize With Friends!

This party idea was contributed by Tracy, California Director, Melanie Dunniway. “It was such a blast and the ladies thought it was such a great idea that we are going to do a purse party exchange sometime this year!!”
Invite each guest to bring ten pieces of jewelry that are new or gently used and a dish for the potluck. Assigning courses will eliminate too many desserts! Or, you may want to make it a dessert-theme potluck! Each guest will leave with ten pieces. Decorate the jewelry table in boutique shopping-style fashion while the ladies are enjoying the potluck.

After the table is set up, invite the ladies to walk around the table and preview the items. Give each lady a small bag in which to place her jewelry. “I found cute little boxes with handles for a $1 each at Target” ~Melanie

Put numbers in a hat – one for each guest (Ten guests – ten tickets). Each guest picks a number, which determines the order they select items from the table. Depending on the number of ladies, two or three may go at a time.

Optionally, allow them to pick two to three items each round in order to expedite the process. Once one round is complete, re-pick numbers so everyone has a random chance to go around the table first.

Additional Ideas for Party Hosts:
· Guests were given three tickets and were able to pick three inexpensive, new jewelry items at the end of the event. Look for jewelry trinkets at a craft store and make your own handmade earrings. Place them in a glass bowl, each in its own sheer jewelry bag.

· Purchase a few inexpensive items for guests who did not have ten pieces. Optionally, guests will
leave with the number of pieces with which they arrived.

To see more photos from this Tracy, California LBDC event, click here or visit them on Facebook. Have an event idea or theme that you would like to see planned in your area? Just want to offer event ideas and suggestions to our club? Send an email to info@lbdclub.com. We always love hearing from you!

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