Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Got Apps?

I always love getting a good App recommendation so I wanted to share mine with you.

Kindle: I’m sure all your book lovers already know about this one but this is one of my most used apps! You have the ability to read books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and PDF’s and it will automatically sync to the last page you read and you’re like me and pick up reading on a different device. FREE
Audiobooks: I have to drive a lot for work trips and I love listening to books while I’m on the road.  You can listen to 5,000+ classic books for free!  They also have a wide variety of books for you to buy from as well.  If your eyes and hands have to be somewhere else but your ears are opening for listening try the Audiobooks app .FREE
Epicurious: You have access to over 30,000 recipes and can put items in your “recipe box.” You can shop on the go by saving your recipes to your shopping list and then you check the items off as you buy them on the store.  Another really nice feature is you can share recipes very easily with friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and more! FREE
Whole Foods Market Recipes: If you have deity preferences for yourself or family such as gluten-free, low gat and vegetarian/vegan this app is for you! This has a variety of recipes that includes nutria information and cooking instructions. An added bonus is that you can also enter items you have on hand to find recipes using those ingredients. I love that!  FREE
Tetris: This is an oldie but a goodie that I can’t get enough of! If you need some mindless activity this is the game for you! $2.99
Words Free with Friends: This is basically a digital game of scrabble that you can play with friends all over the world.  You can play up to 20 games at the same time and are even able to chat with your opponents as well. It’s a great way to stay connected with old friends. FREE
Health & Fitness:
WebMD: The Symptom Checker is awesome! Select the parts of the body that you are having trouble, select your symptoms and it will give you a list of potential conditions.  There are also first aids tips on what to use for different circumstances.  There’s even a pill identification tool if you get your medicine mixed up it can help identify your prescription drugs by shape, color and imprint.
MyFitnessPal HD: This is an easy way to count calories by just scanning or entering in your food intake and then plugging in how much activity you have done for the day. I love that it connects you with friends for motivation and accountability.
~Suzy Hicks
Co-Director, Columbus Chapter

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