Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blue Eye Shadow, Denim Mini Skirts and Other Mysteries of the Universe...

After turning 35 last year I soon realized that there were lots of things that I could no longer do. Mainly because I had lost interest, but also because, at some point during the last couple of years, I realized I had become a “grown up.”
On a Saturday night 15 years ago, you would have found me downtown, wearing blue eyeshadow and a denim mini skirt, effortlessly sliding off a barstool to sing Bon Jovi karaoke while trying not to slosh my beer on the guy next to me. True Story.
Yes, that would be me.

Nowadays, not so much. Last Saturday night I had a plate of cake and some Red Stag whiskey for dinner. I was in my stretchy pants by 6 p.m., and it was a struggle to pull myself off the couch at 9 o’clock and walk the 12 steps it took me to get to my bed. Also a true story. 

While the days of line dancing with strangers 'til 2 a.m. and the confidence of wearing short skirts are long gone, and these days I'm more likely to be found spending Saturday nights on the couch with my dog, there is a happy medium.
Fortunately my medium came in the form of the LBDC. Finding a group of girlfriends who still love to have a great time, whose husbands want them home at a decent hour, whose children need to have a good example set for them, or who are single and just want to enjoy a girls night out without being obligated to the bar scene has allowed me to experience some of the most fun and adventurous times of my life. I have made new friends, gone to new places and tried things I never thought I would be interested in.
Because I am the Type-A personality, which my friends and family love me for, I decided to make a list. I’m sharing some of these wonderful adventures in the hopes that there are other 30- and 40-somethings out there in their stretchy pants watching LMN, thinking about the 90s and wishing they could have a bit more fun, without the denim mini skirt and the late nights at the bar.
Set yourself a monthly goal. Once a month, decide that you will call up a girlfriend and randomly select from this list. Put on your sneakers, get a sitter for the kids, and go learn how to can some veggies, give manicures at your local nursing home or attend a fashion show. The possibilities are endless. If you find yourself wishing you had a partner in adventure or a group of girlfriends to meet for margaritas and bean dip, visit our site and join the LBDC. Because as we say, finding friends is as easy as throwing on a little black dress, blue eye shadow optional.
~Shay Ashcraft
National Director, LBDC

Top 100 Things To Do That Don't Involve Going To A Club:

  1. Cooking Classes
  2. Pottery Classes
  3. Painting Classes
  4. Groupon, Big Deals, Living Social, Deal Chicken
  5. Volunteer in your community
  6. Glamping
  7. Create a team of girlfriends to run in a marathon
  8. Attend a happy hour
  9. Snow tubing
  10. Wine tasting
  11. Attend a musical
  12. Cooking demonstration
  13. Visit a chocolate expo and market
  14. Join a group of girlfriends at your local brewery pub
  15. Learn to sail by taking a lesson at your local sailing club or showing up for a free social sail.  For example the Sailing Club of Washington offers Thursday evening Social Sails and Percy Priest Yacht Club in Nashville offers a Learning at the Helm program
  16. Learn to ski- Water ski in the south and snow ski if you are up north
  17. Pretzel yourself: lulu lemon stores hold free yoga classes both in store and in local studios.;community;gift-of-yoga
  18. Bourbon Trail
  19. Sushi night
  20. Rock climbing
  21. Have a dinner party where each guest is responsible for either a course and wine pairing
  22. Bowling
  23. Putt Putt Golf
  24. Saki and Sushi tasting
  25. Get a Saturday afternoon massage
  26. Attend an exercise, spin or Pilates class
  27. The majority of women wear the wrong bra size. Grab a couple of your girlfriends and head to your local dept. store to be fitted and buy new bras!
  28. Scrapbooking night
  29. Spend a day at a water or amusement park. Be a kid again!
  30. Take a tennis lesson
  31. Plan a girls only picnic
  32. See a chick flick at the theater
  33. Plan a monthly hiking tour. Discover great new hiking trails in your area and do one each month.
  34. Host a swap party - invite guests to bring their slightly used clothes, accessories, DVD’s and swap!
  35. Go shopping
  36. Start a book club.
  37. Ballroom dancing class
  38. Zip lining
  39. Take surfing lessons
  40. Mani/pedi/spa /acupuncture day
  41. Rollerblading/ice skating
  42. Have your fortune read
  43. Paddle boating
  44. Drink wine and organize - invite your BFF over and get some organization into that walk-in closet!
  45. Makeover night
  46. Visit a museum
  47. Desert night
  48. Host a reality TV night - invite a group of girls over to watch the season finale of The Bachelor!
  49. Game night
  50. Sleepover
  51. Dance party
  52. Favorite Things Brunch
  53. Couponing - invite a group of friends over on a Sunday morning. Clip and swap the weeks new coupons and scour the weekly circulars for all the great deals.
  54. Craft night
  55. Make your own jewelry
  56. Laser tag
  57. Tea Time - host a tea party
  58. Tee Time (Go Golfing!)
  59. Fishing
  60. Spend a day on the beach
  61. Hair night - spend an evening watching YouTube videos and practicing some fancy braids on your girlfriends
  62. Get a tattoo
  63. Sledding
  64. Spend a day at the beach or pool
  65. Walk on the greenway
  66. Visit a local orchard and pick your own fruits and veggies
  67. Spend a day canning
  68. Ice cream night
  69. Celebrity Wine Tasting
  70. Visit a hibachi
  71. Facials
  72. Antiquing
  73. Home of the Stars tours
  74. Water rafting/kayaking
  75. Go see a boy band in concert!
  76. Skydiving
  77. Plan a scavenger hunt
  78. Take an archery class
  79. Go to the gym together-plan your workouts with your girlfriends-gossip on the treadmill!
  80. Attend the state fair
  81. Plan a masquerade ball
  82. Attend a self-defense class
  83. Host a potluck
  84. Spend a day working at a soup kitchen
  85. Find your favorite food truck
  86. Go to the Zoo
  87. Attend a street fair
  88. Adopt a highway for Earth Day
  89. Build a bonfire and have a wiener roast
  90. Take a hot air balloon ride
  91. Take in the ballet
  92. Cemetery tour
  93. Hayride
  94. Haunted House/Ghost tours
  95. Murder Mystery Dinner Theater
  96. Scope out your local sports team and take a picnic while watching them practice
  97. Join House Party for chances to host amazing parties and get free promotional items
  98. Gun range-learn to shoot!
  99. Take a factory tour! -Visit the Coca Cola factory in Georgia, The Hershey Factory in PA or the Blow Pop Factory in TN.

100. Join the Little Black Dress Club!
Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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