Monday, January 14, 2013

Be Happy in 2013

Well, we made it through 2012.  Let’s make it a MUST to be happy in all we do during 2013 and beyond.  Reflect back to 2012 for a minute.  Who were you with?  When were you the happiest?  What were you doing?

Moving forward, practice these five things and just be happy:

Pay yourself first.
Don’t forget to treat yourself after you work hard.  Ladies, by yourself a flower every pay day or go out to dinner to celebrate.  Life can be challenging and you deserve recognition for all that you do.  Don’t wait for someone else to acknowledge this.

Find the silver lining.
Always look at the bright side and remember no matter what your situation is, it could always be worse.  And someone else has been through worse.  Learn from everything and be grateful for what you have.

Say ‘thank you’ a lot.
What a perfect time to have National Thank You Month during January.  It’s a great reminder to start the New Year right.  Count your blessings and compliments and say ‘thank you’ as often as you can.  Stop right now and give thanks for (fill in the blank).

Let go of the should haves.
Life is too short to dwell on what we should have done or should have said.  Don’t marinate in regret.  These two words invite guilt and stress into our lives.  Eliminate this and put your life on a ‘want to’ basis, not ‘have to.’  Free yourself from the word should.

Let go, let go, let go of all the hurt and anger from your past.  Turn these feelings into opportunities to build happiness.  Forgiving others will release yourself.

In all that you do this year, keep moving forward and be happy.  Smile more---it’s contagious!

- Dr. Rachel Blankenship
Director, Columbus Chapter

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