Thursday, November 15, 2012

Director Spotlight - Janae King

It's that time again! A new month means a new Director Spotlight. This month the light shines on our Phoenix, Arizona director, Janae King. 

31 year old Janae and her husband enjoy leisure time on sandy beaches with their six and eight year old boys, Austin and Sky. Janae loves wine, pretty cocktails, yummy food, football and fashion. She’ll chill on the couch to romantic comedies, scary movies, and Dexter and get glammed up for charities and dinner parties.

Janae is on her second fabulous year being a LBDC director. She says “I love the genuine camaraderie. There have been many, many strong friendships formed within the
chapter. There’s no drama, everyone has a sense of belonging, which is important to me. We always have a great time at our events!” 

Janae lives her life trying to be an awesome mom and raising her boys to be gentlemen. She lives by two key philosophies; “Work hard and be nice to people” and “May you never be the same again.” How awesome would it be if everyone lived that way?

Janae says she has come to see that everything bad that happens always seems to have an underlying positive agenda that may not always be realized…blessings in disguise, she calls it. Overcoming a life-long struggle with insecurity and negative body image, discovering the confidence to stand up for herself and what she believes in, and the most difficult, finding peace and forgiveness for the unforgivable, has made Janae the strong woman she is today. 

“One of the things I love about Janae, which I also think defines how she runs her chapter, is that she always refers to her members as “The Ladies.” She’s very creative and some of her fabulous creations include the photo booth - which premiered at Fabulous Fiesta - and the chapter birthday party which included riding around in a stretch Hummer limousine, bubbly included! Janae is a great friend - I love sharing Dexter and Homeland gossip with her, as well as, LBDC stories and ideas! I’m so honored she’s part of LBDC.” shares Christine.

Janae was honored to be chosen as this month's Director Spotlight. She quoted Ernest Hemingway and said, “When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead.” 

Congrats to you, Janae. Thanks for leading the Phoenix chapter right into the spotlight!

~Christine and Jen
Founders, LBDC 


  1. Worked with Janae at one of LBDC events here in AZ and she does a fantastic job.

  2. This couldn't go to a more deserving LBDC Director, woman and friend! I'm so lucky to have Janae as my director and close friend. She always has something positive to say and plans the BEST activities for our chapter. Congrats ROCK!