Sunday, October 14, 2012

In The Spotlight - Tina Moran

One of the very first members of our Tracy, CA chapter, this week’s pick for Member Spotlight is Tina Moran!

Mom to a 21 year old son named Nathan, as well as an 18 year old daughter named Lisa Marie, Tina stays busy and is always on the go! Working as a Business Systems Analyst for Preferred Alliance, she says she loves to travel. On her bucket list of desired vacays Tina would love to cruise Alaska again or experience Europe for the first time.

In her spare time, Tina loves spending time with her family. Caring for her spunky 83 year old father gives her great joy as does spending as much time as she can with Nathan and Lisa Marie. A devoted member of Crossroads Church, Tina says that music is a great passion of hers. While she is not a singer and doesn’t play an instrument, she is a self-proclaimed “Groupie” when it comes to her favorite bands! From Chopin to Linkin Park and a few local bands in Tracy, Tina loves to dance! During her downtime, Tina pampers herself at the Peppermill Spa and Resort in Reno, NV. Her favorite time of year to visit Reno is in the winter so she can ride the Amtrak thru the sierra mountains. What a great vacay that would be!

Tina says she  joined the group hoping to meet kindred spirits. Youthful minded women who love life and who enjoy the many blessings of being a woman. She says it has been just that and more!  Tina talks about the amazing women she has met and how much she admires that age, culture, race, financial status, marital status, kids – no kids… for the LBDC there are no requirements to join. Tina had this to say about the Little Black Dress Club; “The diversity is exciting and refreshing. I always come away with a great experience and wonderful memories. There are very few reasons not to discover wonderful experiences within the Little Black Dress organization. It’s a wonderful, safe and exciting group to meet classy women of all ages.  So let’s dress up, put on our LBD’s  and celebrate being a part of an elite group of fun loving women!”

We love you too, Tina! Thanks for being in our spotlight this week!

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