Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cheers To Breast Cancer Awareness

If you haven’t been following us on Twitter (@lbdclub) or Instagram (lbdclub) this month, you’ve been missing out on our Pink Drink fun to raise awareness during Breast Cancer Month!

We’ve been posting our original Little Black Dress Club cocktail concoctions throughout the month and thought we’d share a final pink toast!. A few of them are the result of a weekend long Directors retreat in Deep Creek Lake, MD. We played mixologist in the kitchen - we stocked up on juices and mixers, cleaned out the liquor cabinets, and had a blast mixing, swirling and sipping!

Here’s a taste of what we created - The Cotton Candy Cocktail, The Flower Berry Bellini and Sparkling Hope are all pink and delicious. We had an interesting time coming up with these and even more fun sipping on them while enjoying a great view of the lake!

Next time you have your girlfriends over for a GNO, pull them into your kitchen and stir up a few of these LBDC cocktails. Use it as a conversation starter to remind your friends to get a mammogram, tell a story about a loved one who battled breast cancer, or just enjoy sipping a yummy cocktail while you appreciate some girl time. Do you have a favorite recipe that you came up with on your own? Share it in the comments below and we will include it in a future LBDC publication!


Christine Zellers                                      Jen Holzer
Co Founder, LBDC                                  Co Director, LBDC                    

Shay Ashcraft                                          Richelle Schneider
Social Media Director, LBDC                   Chicago, Director

Cotton Candy Cocktail
Raspberry vodka
Cranberry juice
Cotton candy

Rim glass with pink sugar or with pink cotton candy. Rim glass first with lemon to stick.
Mix equal parts liquid ingredients in martini glass.
Tear small piece of pink cotton candy and float on top until dissolved. Add more to sweeten drink.

Sparkling Hope
Cranberry juice
St Germaine
Sparkling wine

Fill wine glass with sparkling wine
Add equal splashes of cranberry and St Germaine.

Flower Berry Bellini
16 oz frozen strawberry or blackberry
⅓ cup Agave Nectar
Sparkling Wine

Puree frozen fruit
Add agave nectar
Mix until blended.
Add one Tbs puree mixture to flute glass. Fill with sparkling wine. Stir. 

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