Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nashville Girls Night Out

 On September 4th, the ladies of the NashvilleChapter put on their little black dresses for a Girl’s Night Out at local restaurant Cabana located in the Hillsboro Village. Cabana has regular Girl’s Night Out specials for drinks and appetizers on Wednesday nights, and the ladies of the Nashville Chapter were excited to take part.

While the group was too large to take part in one of the private cabana experiences, they did enjoy the nice summer breeze from the open veranda. August was very busy in everyone’s lives with work and back to school, so there weren’t many opportunities for LBDC members to get together. The conversations around the table involved everyone catching up on what they had done for the summer and the excitement of upcoming events like the Sumner Crest Wine Tasting later in September and Glamping Part Deux in October.

Conversation with our group is always very lively. A few quotes overheard around the table were:
“If you need a picture of myself to go in that, let me know.” Shay, when talking to the raffle winners upon opening their gift of a photo frame.

“I feel like I smell like bleu cheese and grit balls.” – Amy

“Kim does not work for ones.” – Kim
 The raffle winners of the evening were Niki and Belinda. Congratulations!
After a fun evening of laughing, conversations and photos, the ladies went home to their regular evenings with big smiles and a great Girl’s Night Out.
~ Tonya Overstreet
Nashville Chapter Member, LBDC

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